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Definition of Green Chemistry

CHEMISTRY RESEARCH PROJECT Green Chemistry and Environment Definition of Green Chemistry are products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous substances It applies across the life cycle of a chemical product including its design manufacture use and ultimate disposal Green Chemistry is also known as a sustainable type of chemistry They think keeping nature clean is the most important issue What s a purpose of Green Chemistry Amount of natural resources is decreasing in these circumstances people think they should leave nature for their descendents However they know it is impossible to leave it without any technology so they invented Green Chemistry to help sustain nature and make humans responsible for the damage they have caused Also Green Chemistry can prevent serious situations like natural disasters and minimize pollution Who are interested in improving the environment Usually people do not care about the environment because they do not see the long term effects Green Chemistry is not a popular topic around the world 

However this topic is being watched between chemists because there are endless topics and ideas for Green Chemistry

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Which type of unemployment do the people that have been incarcerated Fall

So which type of unemployment do the people that have been incarcerated fall into According to prison policy org there is roughly 2 million Americans incarcerated at any given time and that ranges from federal prison to juvenile incarceration They fall into the structural unemployment arena Most of them have suffered long periods of unemployment thus not that familiar with the ever changing world of technology Having a skill is something they may line while behind bars but is it the skill that is in demand once they have been released In most situations that is not the case so they need to go and acquire the necessary skills so they can get a job Let discuss the obstacles former convicts face if they do have the necessary skills that are in demand On every job application there is a box that asks if you have ever been incarcerated Quite often when a person checks this box a company will not give them the chance to prove themselves

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