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Does Social Networking Contribute to Depression

Does Social Networking Contribute to Depression SOURCE 1 In the clinical report The Impact of Social Media on Children Adolescents and Families medical doctors Gwenn Schurgin O'keeffe and Kathleen Clarke Pearson research through other sources cited in their reference page and discuss the impact of social media on adolescents children and their families They recognize the educational and developmental benefits of adolescents and children spending large amounts of time using the internet cell phones while also discussing their susceptibility to peer pressure and making poor choices online They point out that social media and the internet allow children and teens to better communicate develop ideas and gain access to more opportunities such as raising money community events or volunteering While discussing the benefits of children and teens using social media they also examined the new phenomenon proposed by researchers called Facebook depression which results from adolescents who spend too much time on social media and exhibit signs of depression as well as other negative outcomes such as sexting bullying privacy concerns and sleep deprivation

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