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This part of the project will provide general overview of CSR

Introduction This part of the project will provide general overview of CSR define the term CSR and focus on the context of SMEs and provide brief on CSR in Ireland 1 1 Background Corporate Social Responsibility CSR it is the responsibility of enterprises for their impacts on the society In addition to the legal obligations enterprises should have mechanism or process to integrate social environmental ethical human rights and consumer concerns into their business operations and core strategy in close collaboration with their stakeholders with the aim of maximising the creation of shared value for their owners stakeholders and society at large 1 1 1 Overview of Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate social responsibility emerged and become very popular recently because of its ability to link businesses with the needs of the society CSR is becoming an important business approach because it provides businesses with opportunities to meet objectives that produce long term profits use business power in a more responsible way integrate social demands and contribute to the society by behaving ethically Garriga and Mele 2004 

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