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The first five minutes uses many close ups

Close up The first five minutes uses many close ups We see a variety of depth in these closeups They help you focus in on the characters as they are being introduced and set for the storyline 2 Establishing shot I felt as if the establishing shot was when the camera finally panned out and showed the office of Don It helps the viewer understand his power and rank by showing a man begging for his help and his employees waiting on his instruction Yet in all of this intense darkness the Godfather is extremely calm in with his cat settled in the shadows of his office 3 Extreme close up Within the first few seconds of the film we see an extreme close up of the undertaker's face when he is enlisting the assistance of the Godfather As a first time viewer of the movie apart from a few scenes I felt this threw you right into the intensity You could see it in his facial features and it sets the course for the entire film 4 Low key lighting The majority of the first five minutes uses this technique 

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In general venture capital comes from well off investors

In general venture capital comes from well off investors other financial institutions or investment banks but its not necessary for it to be in monetary form it can be provided in managerial expertise or technical form Investing in ventures can be risky but the above average returns are an attractive pay off for investors Becoming popular these days especially if the business or a firm does not have access to capital markets bank loans or any other debt instruments present in the market Another key aspect of venture capital is that the investors put up their funds usually get a say in the company Focusing on the term venture capital it is like large ownership chunks of a company are created and sold to few investors through independent limited partnerships created by venture capital firms Venture capital focuses on the companies that are developing and looking for significant amount of funds for the first time It is different from private equity as they tend to provide funds mainly to well established and larger companies Another term associated with the venture capital is angel investors The capital or funds provided as the venture capital are given by high net worth individuals called the angel investors National venture capital association comprises of hundreds of venture capital firms that offer funds to various ventures small businesses or to innovative enterprises

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Structure charts are derived for DFDs

Structure Chart Structure charts are derived for DFDs It is the detailed representation of system than DFD It breaks down the system into its lowest functional modules and describes functions and their sub functions in much more detailed than DFD The structure chart is an important technique which helps the analyst design the program for the new system Structure chart hierarchical displays all the components of code that must be included in a program at high level that implies sequence in what order the components are invoked selection under what condition the module is invoked and iteration how often a component is repeated The components are usually read from top to bottom left to right and they are numbered in hierarchical scheme in which the lower levels have an additional level of numbering Structured charts have been used to create transaction based mainframe applications which have many lines of code They help analyst create programs that are easy to understand and maintain Structure charts can be helpful in building many types of systems because of reusability feature The symbols used in construction of structure charts Module A structure chart consists of modules that work together to form a program The modules are represented by a rectangle and are connected by lines which represent the passing of control

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