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Charles Smith's journey in the Americas As a Scots Irish

Charles Smith's journey in the Americas As a Scots Irish During the late 1700s and the early 1800s there were the first settlements of Scots Irish people happening in the Americas In 1693 King Charles II granted 24 proprietors settlement to the American colonies and about 700 Scots Irish settled there Dolan In the colonies up until about 1697 every governor of the colonies was a Scots Irish Carlisle This meant that most of the colonies were populated with a lot of Scots Irish people or immigrants Scots Irish had all come to America in order to help start forming the United States of America our country today For example after East and West Jersey combined into New Jersey the Scots Irish population influenced the economy in the colonies Quinn The political views of Scots Irish people were very influential as well Coffey As a result many Scots Irish colonies were formed in the Americas as well In 1736 the Darien Georgia Scottish colony was formed because of the influence Scots Irish had in the colonies Webb These were the first settlements of the Scots Irish during the late 1700s to the early 1800s Back in Ireland the people were not able to pursue their religion freely The Scots Irish would head into the mountains with few texts other than the Bible in their canvas sacks Webb 118 The Scots Irish were Presbyterians that had left Ireland to come to the Americas in order to have their freedom in religion Back in Ireland the government overpowered Presbyterians by closing churches and schools 

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