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Forecast the Business Future

Forecast the Business Future MP My job as the local MP of Waltham forest is to meet the people that live in the local area needs so things like education transport and other things like this This is very important because I will want my area and the people in my area to be happy and I will also want them to be satisfied with the services I am providing them with Adding on I will also want the area to expand economically and also financially so I will want more people being able to find jobs to being more money into the economy The Local MP will also listen to any problems that the people have in the area and the MP will then take it to parliament and have a debate on what they can do to improve the area and meet the local people's needs for example Education health care Finance Manager Hello my name is Bruce Smith and I am the finance manager of British Airways Finance Manager My job as the finance manager of British Airways is to direct investments for the business How has government spending been cut back in recent times MP Spending form the government has been cut back in recent time because there is a low economic growth so people will not have the money to spend on the products that they want MP This will have a negative impact on the economy because if people are not spending money this will mean that not as much money will be going into businesses as normal 1 Work Placements boosting prospects of young people

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Research on Polymer Nanofibers and their Applications

Research on polymer nanofibers and their applications has seen a remarkable growth over the last few years 1 8 This is due to larger surface areas per unit mass and permit easier addition of surface functionalities compared with polymer microfibers Hence polymer nanofiber mats are used as scaffolds for tissue engineering 9 protective clothing drug delivery applications 10 and antimicrobial applications 11 Electrospinning is a powerful technique for the continuous production of polymeric fibers Fibers can be electrospun from solutions or melts and processing conditions can be adjusted to control fiber diameter 12 14 Bacterial infections have become a serious problem in areas such as medical devices healthcare products water purification systems hospitals dental office equipment food packaging food storage household sanitation 15 18 Hence there is an urgent need to develop strong economically viable and ecofriendly replacements of conventional disinfectants 19 Antimicrobial polymers consider a very convenient way for achieving this goal The use of antimicrobial polymers is promising for enhancing the efficacy of some existing antimicrobial agents and minimizing the environmental problems accompanying conventional antimicrobial agents by reducing the residual toxicity of the agents increasing their efficiency and selectivity and prolonging their lifetime

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