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Celiac disease is an autoimmune inflammatory Disorder

Introduction Celiac disease is an autoimmune inflammatory disorder with predominant intestinal involvement It gets triggered by diet containing gluten 1 Patients may present with wide spectrum of symptoms occurring due to malabsorption that include diarrhea abdominal pain abdominal bloating and weight loss The disease may present as delayed menarche early menopause secondary amenorrhea infertility recurrent abortions and intrauterine growth restriction This disease in females may affect the menstrual and reproductive health This can be prevented by an early diagnosis and treatment Celiac disease is associated with multiple systemic involvements such as gastroenterological neurological ophthalmic pancreatic and other systemic involvement 2 Hence celiac disease should be considered and screening tests should be performed in women presenting with menstrual and reproductive problems and treated accordingly 3 We present a case of celiac disease in pregnancy and its outcome CASE REPORT A 25 year old patient known case of celiac disease came to the antenatal outpatient department at 6 4 weeks of gestation for antenatal registration She had history of one spontaneous abortion At the age of 11 years patient presented with pain in abdomen vomiting and confusion Her blood pressure and pulse were within normal limits Sugars were in the range of 240mg L and urinary ketones were positive which was suggestive of diabetic ketoacidosis Patient was then diagnosed with type 1 diabetes mellitus 

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