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Organizations explicit purpose of achieving certain Goals

Organizations have been established for the explicit purpose of achieving certain goals Scott and Davis 2015 p 28 Organizational structure or design can be defined as a tool or methodology used to identify dysfunctional aspects of an organization as well as develop and implement strategic and tactical plans leading them to fit current and future business goals Organizations come in a wide variety of size and shapes Therefore a well designed organization ensures that the form of the organization matches its purposes and the more effective the organizational design the more significant the improvements on results However every organizational structure has its benefits and risks to the organization s mechanism In one hand the concept of a social or informal organization focus in the template of activity and interpersonal relationships developed inside the organization which are not reflected in the organizational chart An informal organization is intensely personal Individuals may bring their own interests values and assumptions to the roles and offices they occupy 

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Some people dream of having Kids

English 4 10 January 2018 Adoption Some people dream of having kids and either they don't want any of their own or they aren't capable of having kids That is when adoption can take place There are so many advantages for adoption but a lot of work comes with it You have to know the definition of adoption how to adopt and the requirements for adoption Adoption is a legally lifelong relationship between the birth parents and the adults adopting the child or children There are two different types of adoptions International adoptions are where a couple adopts an orphan from another country but if it is wished upon can adopt from foster care The other type of adoption is Domestic infant adoption This adoption is when a person or couple adopts a baby in the U S for either one reason or various reasons Some reasons including not having to do overseas paperwork having a child born in the same country you were and possibly knowing the birth parents Adoption is not only a great thing for the adults adopting the child but also for the birth parents Some people look at parents that put their child up for adoption as a bad thing Some people have a reason they are doing it Maybe they aren't financially stable or they know the child will grow up in a bad environment and they want the best for their child There is a person everyday looking for a child to adopt and treat like their own

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