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In today's the fast changing in economic Situation

In today's the fast changing in economic situation and increase of the competitive that attributed to business innovations advancement in technology and the changing demand of customers may compel the management to develop business techniques and strategies that would guide an organization towards the maximization of profits to survive Friedl Biloslavo 2009 Stefanou Athanasaki 2012 The companies which have been adapting to this situation at too a slow pace found themselves in trouble or simply ceased to exist Afonina 2015 The main focus of managerial accounting has always been to improve the organizational performance and profitability by providing relevant information for planning controlling and decision making Over past three decades management accounting techniques has emerged as one of advanced issues in accounting that concerns the pursuit of shareholder value and aiding management in achieving organizational goals Alsoboa et al 2015 Alleyne and Marshall 2011 stated that in today s business environment manufacturing organizations are constantly encountering challenges namely that of performance improvement The aim of most managerial activities is to improve the performance of the organization The core measures of financial performance include market share return on assets return on investment sales margin and profit level capacity utilization Elbanna and Alhwarai 2012 and while the core measures of non financial performance includes employee attitude and moral personnel performance customer satisfaction product service quality Jusoh 2010 

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