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Catcher in the Rye By J D Salinger is the best selling book

Catcher in the Rye By J D Salinger is the best selling book that has never been adapted into a film and living in such an image saturated world how a book like this has managed to stay relevant without a movie adaptation is a interesting question With movies and TV shows today it is hard to imagine a world without images We often have the bad habit of viewing books as poorly crafted movies the words only offering visual narratives in our heads It is as if we have strayed so far from language that we now solely base our opinions on a book through its actions we forget to appreciate it s pure unadulterated text Holden was aware of this he too lived in a image based world His opinion on the image saturated world that he lives in his unique colloquialism and techniques to create distance makes his voice sound authentic almost sixty years after the book was published Holden also lives in a world whose artistic field is so wholly comprised of images In fact he mentions his hatred of movies in the very beginning of the novel I mean he calls his brother a prostitute for abandoning book writing for Hollywood at the very beginning of the book 

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