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Cloud computing in healthcare or Electronic Medical Records

Cloud computing in healthcare or Electronic Medical Records has it benefits it allows streamline data saving on data storage access to high powered analytics data sharing and advance clinical research As the Chief Operating Officer for Dinklage Medical clinic I propose the implementation of 3m coding software to operate our new EHR system For this system to be a success we will need to hire additional team of Information Technology Clerical Administration and Information Management leaders and communicate with a team of Stakeholders 3M coding and reimbursement systems provide easy to suite tools that generates accurate complete compliant coding When utilizing 3m coding clinicians will be able to put the books away because codes are offered thru an online system As an optional add on to the 3M Coding and Reimbursement System CRS the 3M Coding Reference Software is designed to give coders easy online integrated access to the state of the industry references they need most during a coding session One click within the 3M CRS allows coders to jump to such valuable references as the AHA Coding Clinic the AMA CPT Assistant the Clinical Pharmacology Drug Reference and Dorland's Medical Dictionary and Elsevier's Anatomy Plates 3M 2018 3M offers both onsite and remote CDI consulting services to address your CDI challenges 3M offers remote services that can reduce travel cost CDI professionals are available for full or part time support whenever they are needed Managers are experienced in CDI program management and have 24 7 access to the most up to date CDI resources Benefits for utilizing 3M CDI services are they offer compensation for staff turnover vacation or illnesses The remote services are completely HIPPA compliant 

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