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The author Erik Larson describes Chicago a big chaotic City

While introducing one of the main characters the prologue sets the stage for the book It describes evil that migrated its way into a period of greatness and of the forces of change that convulsed Chicago The prologue sets the stage for all the gruesome details to come and paves the way for good and evil The author Erik Larson describes Chicago a big chaotic city as a place where one could easily disappear It was a place where anything could happen a person standing on the street could get hit by a car It was a very good place for H H Holes to carry out all his devious plans because he knew that all his actions would be overlooked It is also interesting to note that as Larson officially introduces Holmes character into the book the details surrounding his arrival are very dark The mere fact that he arrives and finds chaos and smells of slaughterhouses foreshadows all the disgusting and horrific murders he will commit The description of Holmes is charming but chilling His eyes are described as great murderers because they mesmerize females so well He knew he was handsome and used it to his advantage to get what he wanted He was the realistic definition of you little devil when used to flirt because of his ability to make women feel loved and important which made it easier for him to gain their trust It is important to note that throughout the story he always targeted women who were unhappy with themselves or their current situation Unhappiness or depression this was the weakness of females and Holmes knew this He knew that internally they refused to be lonely which is why he always creeped up and made them his prey 

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