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Heinrich Hertz and the Radio Wave

Heinrich Hertz and the Radio Wave Heinrich Rudolf Hertz a pioneer in understanding radio waves was born in Hamburg on February 22 1857 Though he died on January 1 1894 at the age of thirty seven Hertz contributed greatly to the world of science through his discovery Hertz s success was impacted by his prosperous upbringing Heinrich Hertz grew up in a cultured Hanseatic family a family descended from wealthy traders from northern Germany that eventually lost their monopoly Regardless Hanseatic families still held many leadership positions in their towns such as senators and pastors This is evident as Hertz s life as his father Gustav Hertz had been both during his lifetime The success of his family allowed for Hertz to go to rigorous private schools such as that under the rule of the taskmaster Richard Lange In this private school error was not accepted however Hertz prevailed and ended each school year top of his class Hertz s advanced education and natural mindset allowed him to pursue his earliest curiosities tinkering and constructing 

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