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Newborn screening NBS is the most widely Used

Newborn screening NBS is the most widely used form of genetic testing in the U S and is mandated by individual states Anderson Rothwell Botkin 2011 Shortly after birth each infant's heel is pricked to draw blood for NBS This heel prick is usually performed by a nurse or a phlebotomist who then places the blood on a specimen card and submits the card to the appropriate laboratory Riley 2012 NBS is done during the first few days of life in order to screen infants for certain disorders that with treatment or lifestyle changes can have decreased morbidity and improved mortality Anderson et al 2011 NBS began in the 1960s when Robert Guthrie a microbiologist designed the heel stick blood test to screen for phenylketonuria PKU which causes irreversible intellectual disability if not controlled with a restrictive diet

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Severe eosinophilia is defined as the association of high numbers of Eosinophils

Introduction Severe eosinophilia is defined as the association of high numbers of eosinophils 5000 x 10 3 cells uL in the peripheral blood When caused by Strongyloidiasis in an immunocompromised host the elusive nature of the parasite is an obstacle for establishing a diagnosis Strongyloidiasis Stercoralis is considered a marker to evaluate the immunosuppressed state of patients with impaired cell mediated immunity in many countries The vast majority if not all of Strongyloidiasis cases that are documented are found in patients that are extremely immunosuppressed most commonly accompanied by specific risk factors and present as chronic low intensity infections which present as asymptomatic while still remaining dangerous due to the potential of developing fatal disseminated forms Although reactivation of a latent infection is rare and scarce in literature cases have been documented where organ recipients who were negative for IgG levels before transplantation received an organ from an IgG positive donor and severe disseminated forms of Strongyloidiasis occurred Case We present for your consideration the case of a 63 year old man with history of liver transplant performed in July 2015 with no record of rejection and a positive response to Tacrolimus and Corticosteroid immunosuppressive therapy

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