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Direct chloro ethanol fuel Cell

Direct chloro ethanol fuel cell Direct chloro ethanol fuel cells are a subcategory of proton exchange fuel cell where the fuel chloro ethanol is fed directly to the fuel cell DCLEFC uses chloro ethanol in the fuel cell instead of the more toxic methanol Chloro ethanol is an attractive alternative to methanol because it comes with the supply chain that's already in place Chloro ethanol also remains the easier fuel to work with for widespread used by consumers Chloro ethanol is a hydrogen rich liquid and it has higher energy density 9 4 KWh Kg compared to methanol 6 1KWh Kg Chloro ethanol can be obtained in great quantity from biomass through a fermentation process from renewable resources like sugar cane wheat corn and even straw Bio generated chloro ethanol or bio ethanol is thus attractive since growing crops for biofuels absorb much of the carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere from fuel used to produce the biofuels and from burning the biofuels themselves this is in sharp contrast to the use of fossils fuels The use of chloro ethanol would also overcome both the storage and the infrastructure challenge of hydrogen for fuel cell application In the fuel cell the oxidation of any fuel requires the use of a catalyst in order to achieve the current densities required for commercially viable fuel cell and platinum based catalyst is some of the most efficient material for the oxidation of small organic molecules 1 2 Fuel Cell Origins 1840 1890 Despite their modern high tech aura fuel cells actually have been known to science for more than 150 years 

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