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Effects of hazing bullying and Harassment

In today's society we continue to hear about the effects of hazing bullying and harassment among college students There are questions as whether there has been an increase in exposure or intensity in the recent years Although such topics has been a focus of research for years such victimization and the negative consequences that are associated with such behaviors has been receiving more attention from the media and policy makers in the last couple years For the purpose of this paper Hazing is defined as the action of hazing especially an initiation process involving harassment Merriam Webster Dictionary n d Hazing is classified differently than bullying however the same power of dynamics are involved The only real difference between hazing and bullying is that bullying usually involves singling out an individual at any time and bullying them as a means to exclude them not for initiation purposes Hazing can be seen throughout many different social facets especially among college students and their initiations into different fraternities and sororities Many times the initiations can come in the form of fairly non threatening pranks to patterns of behaviors that lead to the level of abuse and criminal misconduct In all cases hazing is prohibited by law and is prohibited by institutions and colleges because of the severe physical and psychological abuse that can occur However this does not stop college athletic teams fraternities and sororities from having new recruits participate in what most call Hell Night or in prolonged circumstances 

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Since the Internet was created in 1900 it's growth has been Exponential

Since the Internet was created in 1900 it's growth has been exponential The Internet has become a universal source of information for millions of people Murphy Roser 2017 While body dissatisfaction has been shown to mediate the relationship between traditional media exposure TV and magazines and eating disorders Stice Schupak Neuberg Shaw 1994 little research had been conducted to measure the relationship between internet use and disordered eating symptomatology Some studies have provided initial evidence of the relationship between Internet use and disordered eating behaviors mediated by body dissatisfaction Tiggemann Slater 2014 These results are in line with the sociocultural theory which posits that Western society promotes the thin ideal and that this is portrayed in the media family members and peers Thompson Heinberg 1999 Attempting to look like the models from the media and achieve this ultra thin physique may lead women to body dissatisfaction dieting and finally to disordered eating Rodgers Chabrol Paxton 2011 As mentioned earlier objectification theory suggests that women are told by society to view themselves as an object and internalize society's objectifying gaze Fredrickson Roberts 1997 

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Type of corporate culture that should be Adopted

A Type of corporate culture that should be adopted is one that focuses on the consumers A relationship marketing process should be carried out in case of such an international marketing scenario As a vice president of operations in charge of the new step taken by the company I will prepare a plan as follows and also create a corporate culture depending upon that will anticipate needs of the target consumer market will try connecting with the probable consumers and know their preferences After doing the need and want analysis and knowing about what cultural preferences they have will then do the segmentation of target market and create market mixes for that We will adopt a culture in which we continuously do environmental analysis and always notice buyer behavior We can establish sustainable relations with them by expanding our network and connecting more with them

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