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The Rise Of 5G

The Rise Of 5G The rise of 5G has been a topic of much speculation and interest for the past few years but it looks like it's finally set to become a reality later in 2018 Ahead of this year's CES AT T announced that they would introduce mobile 5G to a dozen select markets by the end of 2018 Verizon meanwhile is partnering with Samsung to introduce fixed 5G to a handful of cities in the second half of this year beginning with Sacramento CA Other carriers like Sprint and T Mobile are making plans of their own promising to bring 5G to mobile in 2019 and 2020 5G wireless service has even been included as an infrastructure priority in a national security report published by The White House It s clear that 5G is a priority for many parties including the U S government and the service providers hoping to harness the technology to outpace the competition Wondering what all the hype is about Below we break down the promise of 5G and get into the implications the technology will have for the future of digital What is 5G 5G is the fifth generation of cellular technology the G in 3G 4G 5G etc stands for generation following on the 4G standard that rolled out in 2011 A formal standard was established in December 2017 that laid out the specification for 5G In short 5G will outperform the current 4G and 4G LTE standards when it comes to download and upload speeds by up to 100 times 5G will also reduce the latency problems delays in processing data that lead to laggy connections that exist in current networks 

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