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The story of white elephants represents Choices

In the story there is a man and a girl who are at a train station about to go somewhere while waiting they are discussing about the girl who pregnant and how she should get an abortion The man tries to convince her to get it since it will save their relationship and so that way they can have a happy relationship again but the girl starts to question if she should really get it She starts to drink beer with the man but in the old days they didn t realize the choices of not being sober while being pregnant can affect the baby being born While discussing over what they should do with the baby the man shows that he clearly doesn t want to keep it since they are both aren t married to each other but just together as in a relationship As they are talking the girl shows that she wants to keep it but at the same time she is told that if she keeps it than their relationship will be unhappy and that could lead to both of them leaving each other and the girl having to deal with the baby while having to take care of it by herself with no help and in my opinion she probably won t want to deal with that Later on the girl tells the man to stop talking about getting an abortion since this can most likely show that she is uncomfortable about talking about it and doesn t know what to do What she does is drink more beer There is a moment of silence until the guy breaks the silence by saying how he knows people that have gotten abortions and how they have been fine after getting one

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