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Honors Reason Vs Feeling in Hamlet William Shakespeare

Honors Reason Vs Feeling in Hamlet William Shakespeare the playwright of Hamlet uses the thoughts and actions of the protagonist Hamlet to demonstrate to the reader that this play is displaying the conflict of emotion and reason Through the actions of Hamlet Shakespeare makes use of his belief that actions that are solely based on reason is more logical than rash actions based solely on emotion Shakespeare uses Hamlet as a method to convey his lesson to belief of the negative impacts that acting primarily on emotion and neglecting reason can cause Hamlet often finds himself in tragic circumstances and wild situations that allow his actions to fluctuate between emotion and reason Hamlet is so hyper focused on doing the things that are morally just There are a few major decisions where Hamlet uses pure emotion to decide These decisions play a pivotal role in his demise The first major mistake that Hamlet makes while acting purley on emotion is when he accidentally kills Polonius During the scene where Hamlet and his mother are having a heated conversation 

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