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According to E.A Johns a Principal Lecturer in Behavioural Sciences

According to E.A Johns a Principal Lecturer in Behavioural Sciences Department of Management Slough College of Technology the concept of class provides a convenient method of classifying and differentiating various types of attitude and social action prevalent in society without necessarily implying evaluative notions of superiority or inferiority This essay will explain how social class can be both a source of identity but also inequality Firstly it will identify the meaning of social class and give examples of the existence of such phenomenon Secondly it will focus on social class as a primary source of identity in reference to up to date research Thirdly it will present arguments for social class being a primary pattern of inequality This essay will also refer to key sociological studies on institutional inequality and statistical data as well as to theoretical perspectives such as Marxism and Weber's Lastly it will expose causes of primary patterns of inequality and give conclusion In the sociology dictionary social class is identified as one of the concepts of stratification Social class or in other words social category is a result of unequal distribution of rewards and resources such as wealth power and prestige it is mostly primarily define by how these segmentations are identified In the capitalist system most of the goods are controlled by Upper class also called bourgeoisie whose members use the work performed by the working class or proletariat to gain wealth and control 

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Is there anything quite as blissful as a stroll by the Seashore

As you near the shore you can make out the faint susurrus of the surf the whisking whispers of the waves as the bubbles fizzle ever so silently Upon passing a cumber of upturned shells the sand greets your shadow tickling gulling you from the picture postcard panorama that lay beyond Your scrunching toes succumb as the soggy sensation spreads ceaselessly the silken sand coating the bottom of your feet like butter on bread Unencumbered your feet get the first flavor of freedom your spirit soaring above When you cast your eyes out to the sea you observe the horizon hemmed in sardine silver The emerald blue of the ocean sprays across the exhaled mist forming an image clear as a beached shell You re blown away The horseshoe shaped lagoon gleams gold as a melted treasure cove all the same under the sun A cluster of treetops with explosions of carnival green canopies flamboyant flora and tame toucans is reminiscent of the virginity of the island The simple yet spellbinding splendor of what lay beyond sweeps you off your feet It's pure paradise 

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