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Albert Z Carr has tried to demonstrate in his article that the ethics of Business

Albert Z Carr has tried to demonstrate in his article that the ethics of business while being different from the general social rules of morality may still be very close to the ethics of poker He draws the analogy by stating that bluffing to a certain extent is permissible in both poker and business or rather is a part of it In fact Carr's article is quite persuasive and we can very well understand that why businesses employ the techniques of bluffing from time to time As Carr explains bluffing does not always equal cheating or lying The everyday situations in business are not as straightforward or simple that they allow for the truth to be spoken without any difficulty At various instances a person may be faced with a choice which is slightly different from his personal sense of ethics Moreover in case of business always trying to stick to the truth may put a person and sometimes the whole business at a severe disadvantage Carr 1968 At some points however 

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Assignment Life, Life as a tiger was great for Me

Assignment Life Life as a tiger was great for me I lived in the grassland and I was not like most tigers in fact I was the leader of my streak and the only reason was because my front two teeth came out to a point What do you think about my sight My eyesight was good particularly at night and what about my sound I don't purr and I could do something chuff And I was the last of my kind I am a white Bali tiger and my name is Eyob My streak and me liked to chilling at our home in the grassland and just hanging around some of us went to hunt for some deer while other stayed behind to protect our territory and to make sure no other tigers would came around our home We were lucky and the streak had quite the feast when we were done we all went and took a nice nap in sun but suddenly we awoke up to noise in our territory I was ready to defend what was mine 2 Hunters I could tell the age gender and reproductive condition of other tigers by subtleties in smell of urine marking and I also my taste like steak tartare and it served raw There were hunters in my territory and we do whatever it took to protect it Great we got rid of the other tigers and now we have human to deal with And then before you knew it they were right in front of us And we did what any tigers would and what was to protect our territory when they saw us they were ready to fire and we were ready to fight As soon as they started to fire and we went after them and attacked them Get this tiger off me one of the men yelled And another men fired on one of my best friend and that was not good for me 

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