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Sophia Loren allows the public to have a complete image of her incredible physical Appeal

Sophia Loren allows the public to have a complete image of her incredible physical appeal while she pulls off an extraordinary comedic timing As DVDTalk notes The voluptuous Loren was gorgeous and her appeal as one of cinema's great timeless beauties is obvious She was also an incredible actress and for as sensual as the dance may be she sticks the landing with perfect comic timing Ieri oggi domani Yesterday Today and Tomorrow is really a showcase for her many talents and though there are connective traits between all three of her characters they each require different dramatic touches Marcello s characters are certainly weakened by Loren s feminine wiles The main female characters always maintain complete control of the action and there s no actress like Loren to do that She creates three intriguing characters as she combines her versatile range as an actress comedic touches of her own which can be shown by a simple nuanced glance and of course her physical attributes She can perfectly pull off the humility of the poor and the arrogance of the rich so it s beyond argument that the way she plays with boundaries in extraordinary And last but not least we ve got Matrimonio all italiana Vittorio de Sica 1964 In this film the action takes place in Naples during World War II Sophia Loren plays the role of a beautiful young woman named Filomena Marturano She works in a brothel since she cannot find another way to make a living There is where she meets Domenico Soriano a well off bourgeois

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Africa Muslim Agency known as Direct Aid Society

Abdul Rahman bin Hamood As Sumait an Islamic da i caller to Islam medical practitioner a humanitarian role model in charitable work and founder of the Kuwait based charity Direct Aid Organization previously known as the Africa Muslim Agency was born on 15 October 1947 in Kuwait Education Dr Abdul Rahman Al Sumait did his schooling in Kuwait where as in 1972 he went to Baghdad University to study medicine In 1974 he went to Liverpool University and obtained a diploma in tropical medicine then traveled to canada to specialize in internal medicine and Gastroenterology from Montreal General Hospital in Canada He did research on hepatic malignancies in King s College London At Sabah Hospital in Kuwait he worked briefly as a consultant Gastroenterologist before dedicating his full time to humanitarian activities A man with a vision and a mission for the poor He was to assassination several times in Africa by armed militias because of his overwhelming presence among the poor and needy He was surrounded cobra snake in Mozambique Kenya and Malawi more than once but he survived in addition to mosquitoes biting in those villages scarcity of water and power cuts He was exposed in his life to distress of prisons the most painful of which was his capturing by Bathists He spent a quarter century in Africa and had come to Kuwait for a visit or medical treatment He also practiced Dawa calling in the Eskimos and Iraq The series of trips were in the jungles of Africa The movement in the jungles of Africa is full of risks as he exposes himself to danger for the sake of peace and relief for Africa with a hand holding bread and a hand holding a lamp and a book His arm is his body suffering from hypertension diabetes and cl His Journey to Africa Once Abdul Rahman Al Sumait witnessed a scene outside his school which sparked his interest in helping the less fortunate and this changed his life forever He observed poor workers waiting for their means of transportation in the heat on a daily basis He then purchased a car with the help of some friends and drove these workers for free

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