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The client management quality standards

The client management is composed of the people from the auditing firm who are responsible for ensuring that the work carried out meets the quality standards of both the firm and the client They are responsible for appointing the quality assurance personnel who review the work performed by the external auditors to ensure that it meets all standards MW A 2016 In regards to internal controls they are responsible for validating transactions processed through the internal control system The corporate directors are those individuals charged with governing the company ACCA 2009 They are directly responsible for coming up with standards followed in the organization Since they set the standards followed they are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that there exists a functional internal control system which can detect material misstatements relating to the organization Auditors are independent individuals hired by the organization to check whether the books prepared by the company show a true and fair view of the affairs of the organization Mark 2006 As regards to internal control systems the auditors ensure that they assess the adequacy of the accounting system to help them identify areas that are prone to the risk of material misstatement Q2 Auditor's Understanding of Internal Control Audit Strategy 

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