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Sleep Deprivation Issues

Many adults believe that teenagers are simply complaining for no direct reason when they hear the phrase I'm tired multiple times a day However studies have shown that over 90 of American high school students are chronically sleep deprived according to a survey taken by the University of Utah in 2014 Most people contribute this lack of sleep to the early start times in high schools By setting back the time schedule for these schools teens would have increased academic performance as well as increased physical and mental health Many argue that the price of starting the school day later is too great but others think that the effects far outweigh the costs especially since a teen s body needs more sleep to thrive than the average adult Since less than 10 of teens get 8 10 hours of sleep a night the minimum amount of sleep that pediatricians around the world suggest for the age group most are chronically sleep deprived Sleep Deprivation greatly increases the probability of car accidents and the use of alcohol or drugs It also negatively affects your overall mental and physical health Physical side effects of Sleep Deprivation include weight gain weakened immunity high blood pressure mood changes and increased risks of diseases such as heart disease and diabetes

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