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Public schools are failing specifically in our inner cities

Public schools are failing specifically in our inner cities Youth cannot get a good education and it s leading to more crime and less contributions to society Unfortunately the failing public schools adversely affect primarily minority citizens and students To help alleviate this a voucher system could be instituted to allow parents to use their tax dollars toward a different school or private education The voucher system would create competition improve students performance by allowing them to go to a better school and it would let parents considering or using private education to use their tax dollars as a credit toward tuition instead of paying twice for their child s education from taxes and tuition All the while greatly improving our inner cities and the education levels they achieve through competition created from students being able to go to other schools if they are not satisfied with their current education American inner cities are known to have some of the poorer traditional public school systems from elementary through high school The urban environment has made getting good teachers to their schools particularly hard Teachers struggle to maintain classroom peace in inner city schools and that makes instruction very difficult It also makes wanting that job as a teacher very difficult Who wants to work in a potentially hostile unfriendly environment every day As for students almost all the same applies Students in the public schools potentially also face a hostile unfriendly environment every day So parents and students need an alternative to the poor education that they are forced to use 

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