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Opioids are medications used to treat Moderate

Opioids are medications used to treat moderate to severe pain after an injury surgery or during some chronic disease process when all the other painkillers have failed to alleviate the pain They sometimes are also used for the suppression of a cough and diarrhea They include Codeine Fentanyl Hydrocodone Morphine Oxycodone Tramadol etc Substance abuse disorders including opioids during pregnancy is a grave issue that needs to be carefully focused and dealt It prevails in all ethnic racial and socioeconomic groups and affects women belonging to urban suburban and rural areas The use of opioids has burgeoned theatrically in the past few years According to a study 22 8 of women that were registered in Medicaid programs in 46 states of the United States filled an opioid prescription during their pregnancy in 2007 According to another study which observed hospital discharge cards demonstrated an increment in maternal opioid use nearly fivefold in only 9 years from 2000 to 2009 during their antepartum period Consequences of Opioids Usage in Pregnancy Opioids are considered as dangerous drugs because of their intense addictive potential Once addicted a person loses his self control and ability to quit taking the drugs During pregnancy chronic opioid addiction is associated with poor prenatal care involvement in high risk activities such as criminal acts and trading sex for drugs which expose the women to violence and legal proceedings and also increase the risk of getting Sexually Transmitted Infections including HIV Hepatitis Syphilis etc

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