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I have worked as a Registered Nurse

Hello class I have worked as a Registered Nurse RN for 11 years I completed my Associate Degree at my local community college I worked for 7 years at two different hospitals while I pursued my Bachelor of Science in Nursing BSN degree at Notre Dame of Maryland University in Baltimore My BSN class was an accelerated program with one day a week meeting in a small cohort setting on campus As a novice registered nurse I started out in the acute care setting on the Medical Surgical Med Surg unit at my community hospital As I became comfortable with my duties and responsibilities I floated between the Med Surg unit and the Joint and Spine JAS unit I enjoyed working with the two units and served as a preceptor for new nurses Throughout my career as an acute care registered nurse I noticed a trend of patients who returned to the hospital shortly after discharge As I interviewed and assessed these patients I became more aware of two common factors knowledge deficit and lack of access to community resources I was interested in learning more about the barriers chronic illness these patients experienced and what resources were available in the communities to help them Hence my goal to become a nurse educator began to develop I felt a strong calling to work in the community so that I could educate patients and their caregivers 

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