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Meredith and her dog Zyna

chapter 1 Meredith ran swiftly across the cold damp ground Nearly tripping into a puddle of dark brown water She could already tell she was lost but where She turned he was no longer being chased by someone or something she wasn't sure which it was she looked around she was in a forest of brightly colored moss dangling effortlessly on the branch of a beautiful tree she knew she was in her homeland Ireland but it looked different more like ancient Ireland that they had been studying in history class she looked down at her body same clothes skinny jeans and converses all of a sudden a huge animal ran out of the forest and at her she ran faster than ever her curly red hair flowing behind her Then she woke up breathing helplessly he wet body pressed hard against her bed she realized there was something lying on top of her she heard heavy breathing only to realize it was zyna her pit bull how'd you get in here she whispered to the dog No answer of course so she grabbed zyna a hiked over her shoulder struggling to carry the one hundred pound dog out of the house opening the door and putting zyna down she realized that there was something on the step an envelope that contained a letter that read Congratulations you have been accepted to Ringling College of Art and Design

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