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A project life cycle is important because it is the Strategic

A project life cycle is important because it is the strategic plan to finish a project The general project life cycle consist of four structures Initiate Plan Execute and Close The Initiation phase is the starting phase which includes communicating with upper management The questions asked in this phase normally include what is the problem or what goals are trying to be met This phase is important because the overall scope is created that will give the project team its main objective to finish The Planning phase is the second phase of the project management life cycle This phase will come once management approves the main goal of the project During the planning phase allocating tasks to certain team members are brought about a budget is created and figuring out how to acquire resources is discussed The Execution phase is next This is when the work of the project is implemented It is important to track performance to determine if the project will stay within budget and finish on time If executing the plan is not going accordingly then the team and management will have to edit the plans or create new plans all in all The final phase is called Closing phase This phase launches once the project has been finalized The Closing phase involves the separation of the project team and making sure a project closure report is in headway

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Marketing products like food and Beverages

Marketing products like food and beverages to people has been done for the past few years in many different ways and now companies have been marketing their products to people specifically the youth through sports Unhealthy products are mostly advertised here in this field by sports organizations and athletes The research tackles three major ways companies like these engage in marketing these are athlete endorsements sports sponsorships and video game product placement Companies use sports related marketing to advertise their products to increase the sale of their products because people will be more encouraged to buy the product the people they admired use or consume Despite the promises made by these companies to decrease the exposure of unhealthy products to the youth they still promote their unhealthy products to them The researchers insist that athletes as well as sponsorships in sports organizations like the Olympics should stop promoting foods which are unhealthy poor in nutrient products and energy dense products so that it will not affect the health of the youth

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