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Hydraulic fracturing is known as fracking

Hydraulic fracturing known as fracking is a technique used to recover gas and oil from shale rock Fracking is a process of drilling down into the earth with a high pressure water mixture that is guided to the rock and then releases the gas inside Water sand and other chemicals are put inside the rock at high pressures which will let the gas flow out to the head of the well Early humans knew enough to burn the oil shale as a fuel source but the earliest fracking can be traced back to is 1862 The first form of fracking innovation didn't take place until the 1930 s The birth of hydraulic fracturing began in 1947 After finally achieving experimental success in 1949 fracking became commercialized quickly Modern day fracking didn't begin until the 1990 s This originated when George P Mitchell created a new technique by combining hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling The United States is estimated to be the largest known shale gas reserves in the world According to the gas and oil industry this could help in the country's energy change from coal to renewable sources like wind and solar About 40 percent of the country's electricity is fueled by natural gas As natural gas has increased so has the debate on how the fuel is obtained In this essay you will learn how fracking works and what techniques are used for fracking You will learn where fracking occurs and why You will also learn the effects fracking has on the environment good and bad Then you can decide for yourself if fracking is good or bad for our environment and if we should continue to do it 

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