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Causes Of Divorce And The Effect It Has On Children

Sadly the world we live in today is made up of many problems and sad truths that seem to be growing faster than we can imagine one in which we see most often in society today that is overlooked This problem is the divorce rate in Canada According to www statcan gc ca 2008 38 44 of marriages in Canada end in divorce and there were 28 805 divorces alone in Ontario The divorce rate for couples with children is 38 which is just 2 lower than America Not only does this impacts the lives of adults that are experiencing and going through the divorce it also has an impact on the children who are twisted up in a chaotic situation On the other hand many children with divorced parents are able to overcome and grow to become independent and stable after being impacted from this trauma After researching the causes of divorce and looking at the rippling effects it can have on children we need to understand why this is an extensive problem that needs to be under control Most children that are negatively affected by divorce are likely to have feelings mistrust behaviour problems and experience a change in their lifestyle The causes of divorce should be looked over and avoided The first cause of divorce in our society today is continual arguments As stated in article by MSN Lifestyle 54 of exes that were surveyed claimed that their split was caused by constant arguments 2014 Instead of both parties trying to understand what the arguments were about and why the souse had certain complaints each spouse was trying to make their own valid points to why they were right and the other was wrong 

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