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When we talk about cryptocurrency you probably remember about mining don t you This is not surprising It is undoubtedly the most known and effective way to earn in crypto world What is more the cryptocurrency cannot exist without miners Distributed decentralized structure is one of the key advantages of any cryptocurrency There is no person organization or government behind it The entry and exit from the project are absolutely voluntary Real computing resources are needed for the functioning of a virtual system of calculations as well as people who provide them For the work done they receive a reward in the same digital coins As you probably have already guessed we are talking about miners These people are really indispensable Nowadays they serve as the issuing authority as well as verify and confirm transactions From the technical point of view several types of mining are distinguished depending on the configuration and equipment cost Using the CPU CPU Using graphics cards GPU With the help of integrated circuits of special purpose ASIC In the first type of mining a central PC processor is involved Now it is obsolete due to the low efficiency if comparing to more modern approaches The extraction with the help of the CPU does not bring profit from 2010 when it was replaced by mining using video cards 

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