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The classification of thermoplastic Plastic

The classification of thermoplastic plastic by function and use can be classified into 3 categories 1 general plastic PE PVC PS PMMA 2 general engineering plastics PA PC POM PET PBT PPO MPPO 3 and special engineering plastics PTFE PPS PI Polysulfone polyketone Plastic is made from two parts resin and additives The field of plastic applications 1 packing materials are the largest use of plastic accounting for more than 20 of the total amount and the main products are as follows 1 The film products such as heavy packaging film barrier film heat shrinkable film self adhesive film anti rust film tear film and air cushion Membrane etc 2 Bottle products such as food packaging bottles oil beer soda liquor vinegar soy sauce and milk etc cosmetic bottles medicine bottles and chemical reagent bottles etc 3 Boxes of products such as food boxes lunch boxes cake boxes gift boxes and ice cream boxes etc and hardware handicrafts Stationery and other boxes 4 Cup products such as a disposable beverage cup milk cup and yogurt cup 5 Boxes of products such as beer boxes soda boxes food containers working containers ammunition boxes fruit boxes vegetable boxes and And so on 6 Bags such as handbags and woven bags etc 2 daily necessities mainly include the following items 1 The products such as POTS buckets boxes baskets plates chairs ships leather cases thermos bottles silk and nets etc 2 Stationery such as a pen ruler clip knife table tennis badminton and racket etc 3 

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Why there should be technological advances on heated oxygen Sensors

The topic for this essay is about why there should be technological advances on heated oxygen sensors There are two basic types of oxygen sensors heated and unheated The difference in uses is all based on location Typically heated sensors will be used in colder climate areas while unheated are used in warmer areas closer to the equator The heated oxygen sensors were created so the sensor as a whole to reach operating temperature more quickly versus unheated where it has to be heated by the exhaust Heated sensors can be placed in downstream locations on the exhaust system and will stay at the proper temperature for a longer period of time than unheated sensors All modern oxygen sensors employ a heater though the type and heat up times vary 1 1 2 The way the sensor actually heats up is with a positive thermal coefficient heater element The resistance in the heater element increases as the temperature increases in the exhaust

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