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The 7th Arrondissement Paris the French Capital

The 7th Arrondissement Paris the French Capital is a city that is full of life This bustling city welcomes millions of tourists every year due to its spectacular attractions It has long been viewed as the city of love and light and its reputation continues to soar with people across the world making it their destination of choice It is also arguably the most alluring cities across the European continent However Paris has 20 different neighbourhoods that are known as arrondissements This means that the city of Paris is divided along the system of arrondissements that spiral out of from the center of the city beginning from the 1st to the 20th one Most of these neighborhoods have famous tourist attractions and other important sights One of the most standout neighborhoods in Paris is the 7th Arrodissement About the 7th Arrodissement The 7th Arrodissement is located on the Left Bank of River Seine It is situated between the 6th and 15th arrodissements and covers an area of 4 09 square kilometres Based on the population statistics of 2011 this neighbourhood had a population of 57 786 There is no doubt that its population size has increased in the past six years 

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Theresa had always associated places with Colors

Theresa had always associated places with colors West Virginia would forever be blue in her mind It was the blue of the sky that occasionally peaked through the clouds It was the blue tinge of fingertips during the last month before winter when the heating system would not be turned on for weeks but the winter chill had already descended on the dorm rooms It was the melancholy blue of a child who still had a father but felt like an orphan When Cameron first asked her what he missed most about D C she had to think about it It was difficult to specify just one thing D C had just become home it was her city but here she was as out of place as a Scottish castle in the middle of Arkansas Eventually she told Cameron that she missed the size of D C She missed the anonymity that a large city could provide But Morgantown in comparison she was too easily seen Cameron had smiled wistfully and said that it would be nice not to have everybody watching you all the time but he'd miss his mom and dad D C was grey It was the grey of concrete and chrome of a hundred skyscrapers reflected in a million windows It was the dull grey of rain clouds that always threatened to pour but rarely did It was the colorless grey of office workers rushing through the city almost identical in pale shirts and dark suits It was monochrome and monotonous occasionally brightened by movie posters glaring red of sirens maybe even a gunshot But even those colorful times were reduced to shades of grey reproduced for the masses in newspaper photographs When Cameron asked her for help with his schoolwork she was happy to oblige It was only after she had driven him to the woods that he discovered that her role was only to play chauffeur and keep

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