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Hunter Yu January 15 2018 Honors Gov Chapter 2 Defending the declaration by Gary Amos The search for the genuine foundations of American law should begin with the question Is the law of God at its highest or are it possible to get answers from the people and the state to these two questions The first answer is that the existence of God including his laws related to the creation of the state government and the constitution and his laws are supreme correct and absolute The second answer is whether God exists or his law does not exist the laws of man and country are supreme correct and absolute at least until they change Recognition of the requirements of a law whether it be human or divine requires people to judge what the rules of law are and what it commands It requires people to understand the sources and foundations of the law The essay explores the origins and foundations of American law The summary of this essay is that America s basic equality and rights and its legal principles behind the government are agreed upon and that the original Declaration of Independence the universal title of God and the nature of the United States Constitution were proclaimed in accordance with the essence of the Constitution As a result of this research and the research I hope that the basic outline of the law of creation will be revealed such as the discovery of expression in the legal and constitutional context of the United States 

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Learning is viewed as an individual cognitive Effort

According to cognitive approach language learning is viewed as an individual cognitive effort The possibility of learning occurrence is dependent on learner s cognitive capacity as a product of notching input output and interaction These are the main theoretical components of the cognitive approach The followers of the cognitive approach view the language learning especially second or foreign language learning as organizing and establishing the knowledge of that language in the learner s cognition When time passes this knowledge is expected to be used automatically for speaking and understanding This view is represented in Krashen s claim that comprehensible input is all learners need to learn a language The comprehensible input is to some extent beyond the learner s current grammatical knowledge and capability sheen 2012 Comprehensible input is necessary but insufficient for acquisition to take place Corrective feedback strategies can be explicit or implicit Implicit or indirect corrective feedback indicates that the students have errors and the teacher does not provide the right form directly and does not correct it This can be done by underlining the errors or using cursors to show omissions in the student s text or by placing a cross in the margin next to the line containing the error In effect this involves deciding whether or not to show the precise location of the error Ellis 2009

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