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Jamaica is a island with an total population just under 3 Million

Jamaica is a island with an total population just under 3 million people it is foundeeds in the caribbean which has only been recently reported that it has a high percentage of obesity diabetes and hypertension Jamaica is not that big of a island but it does indeed have a lot of people cooking food which leads to obesity and diabetes Obesity and diabetes are both caused by eating to much and moving to little the symptoms are known for body fat and very high blood pressure In jamaica they boiled their green bananas and wheat bread this is where the the most common high carbohydrate foods consumed by Jamaicans Chicken was one of the most popular meat they had while carrots and callaloo is the most highly consumed vegetables It was evident that Jamaicans eat a sizeable amount of foods high in fat cheese eggs and butter Interestingly enough using these foods decreased with the onset of diabetes hypertension and obesity About 2 8 million people pass away each year in a result of being overweight or obese Also heart disease deaths in Jamaica has reached a total number of deaths 2 166 or 12 11 

The age Death Rate is about 77 16 per 100 000 of population ranks Jamaica Jamaica s creaky system constantly springs leaks that goes to the scarce water into the filthy streets unexpectedly More than half of the water that the NWC produces for Kingston ends up seeping out of leaky pipes or siphoned off by illegal connections It cost around 1 000 to install a storage tank so that they would have water for cooking and bathing Schools around the area would cancel school for days at a time due to water shortages Some Jamaicans have found ways for better water access Although some People were very mad or furious about having their water shut off in the first place

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