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Man - animation film

As an illustrator and animator Steve cuts work is fascinating interesting and convey an important message toward us which express environmental awareness where we are the main reason for destruction of earth for example pollution created by us What he portrayed in his animation film name Man He also express his idea about animal right in one of his movie name what a hunt This London based animator who appropriately delineates our day by day grievances and society s many stunning facts that we ridiculously acknowledge as typical In his latest movie short titled happiness where rats to symbolize the rat race what we are experienced in our life or have been experiencing Steve Cutts is an artist and artist lived in London England His work of art ridicules the over abundances of present day society His style is influenced by 40s toons and additionally current comic books and realistic books Before turning into a freelancer in 2012 Cutts filled in as an illustrator for the London creative agency Glue Isobar He took a shot at digital projects for organizations including Coca Cola Google Sony and Toyota London based animator Steve Cutts is created this rat race in his animation film happiness to which we ve all gotten ourselves tied and is inspecting our advanced wellsprings of joy in a sarcastic new short film that portrays us as the rats we ve moved toward becoming according to the framework It s titled after that secretive high we re continually pursuing happiness 

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Morally Ambiguous Villains Literature Review

Morally Ambiguous Villains Literature Review Stories have always been a part of daily life in all cultures They help us make sense of growing old in this universe filling us with morals teaching us lessons and therefore helping us endure the psychological rollercoaster of growing up They appeal to all people but specifically children and young adults as they are unable of thinking abstractly Providing these images encourages them to make connections to the real world Hourihan A character is an indispensable tool in fiction cartoons and movies It is an influential force by which we learn about our own values and beliefs A character is a reflection of the author's personal experience meaning that it has to reflect real life Walter Besant and Henry James stress on the importance of the rules of fiction and believe that In modern fiction whose purpose is to portray humanity and human character the design must be in accordance with customs and general practice of living men and women under any proposed set of circumstances and conditions Besant and James 18 To elaborate when characterizing these characters authors must take into consideration the reality and the issues of real life Based on the previous mentioned concept flat characters of pure good or pure evil are unrealistic as there is no pure good nor pure evil in real life

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