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The wrench is a very practical tool that helps to loosen or tighten the nuts and bolts of any object

The wrench is a very practical tool that helps to loosen or tighten the nuts and bolts of any object They can be used for domestic mechanical and industrial purposes There are numerous variations of wrenches that can be found in the market and one of the most widely used models is the torque wrench This is an exceptional type of wrench that has an indicator to guide the user when to discontinue the tightening process after the right torque has been effectively applied Definition of torque wrench It's usually an uncomfortable situation to be in if you re talking to someone about something and they are using words or terms of which you don t know the meaning so before we get into talking about hydraulic torque wrenches let s first start by looking at what exactly a torque wrench is A torque wrench is a wrench which is designed to apply a certain amount of force known as torque to a nut or bolt When non mechanical individuals hear the word torque they usually assume isn't that the same as horsepower Torque does in general is the force rotating something about an axis for instance the wheels of your car or truck but that word can speak of anything in that situation not only how powerful your car's engine is A wrench is a tool that is used for mechanical and electrical purposes to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts

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Social Work Profession and Education History

Social Work Profession and Education History The profession of social work began to develop near the end of nineteenth century stemming from two social welfare movements Charity Organization Societies COS and settlement houses Spetch Courtney 1994 The foundation of the social workers scope of practice within COS and settlement houses were those of caseworker and advocate Both of these social movements called for the social political and economic rights of the working man and later the working woman Spetch Courtney 1994 p 71 Charity Organization Societies COS primary focus were to eliminate indiscriminate giving and thoroughly screen applicants requesting assistance The COS would then connect applicants who were found truly in need to the appropriate charity to address their situation Specht Courtney 1994 In the social work and welfare community COS became the first institutional effort in approaching the needs of the poor in a methodical way Well known for her work with COS Mary Richmond implemented the framework of helping the person in the situation Spetch Courtney 1994 p 76 which is now framed as modern day social systems theory Richmond recognized that to truly begin to assist an individual the worker had to be able to understand the person fully as well as connect them to their situation Richmond s work lends to the foundation of social casework a foundation used today with underserved and vulnerable populations Settlement houses begun in England provided residence for young men and women to establish their professional and personal lives in working class neighborhoods

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Breast feeding remains the best option for Infants

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1 0 The Background to the Study Exclusive breastfeeding can be defined as the act or practice of feeding the baby solely on breast milk for the first six months of life without water glucose drinks or other drinks beside breast milk this is followed by the introduction of supplementary feeds along with continuous breast milk up to the second year of life WHO 2011 Breastfeeding has been reported as an age old practice among human societies that transcend the boundaries of time and place It was also in the course of several centuries significantly practiced respected and the primary attractor of many artistic works such as paintings and drawings Sellen 2009 It should be noted that naturally scientifically and physically breast milk provides the required nutrition for the baby to grow and protects infants against some childhood killer diseases such as gastrointestinal infection pneumonia and otitis media It also enhances the reproductive health of the mother proper child spacing rapid return of a mother to her pre pregnancy weight and aids in reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes WHO 2011 Breast feeding remains the best option for infants in the first six months of life It is a natural convenient hygienic and cost effective method that promotes the optimal well being and survival of infants Oche Umar and Ahmed 2011 Breast milk contains antibodies and essential nutrients necessary for the promotion of health and adequate development of infants and young children Hajeeboy Nguyen Mannava and Mia 2014 Over the last couple of decades there have been an increasing interest

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