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Breast feeding remains the best option for Infants

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1 0 The Background to the Study Exclusive breastfeeding can be defined as the act or practice of feeding the baby solely on breast milk for the first six months of life without water glucose drinks or other drinks beside breast milk this is followed by the introduction of supplementary feeds along with continuous breast milk up to the second year of life WHO 2011 Breastfeeding has been reported as an age old practice among human societies that transcend the boundaries of time and place It was also in the course of several centuries significantly practiced respected and the primary attractor of many artistic works such as paintings and drawings Sellen 2009 It should be noted that naturally scientifically and physically breast milk provides the required nutrition for the baby to grow and protects infants against some childhood killer diseases such as gastrointestinal infection pneumonia and otitis media It also enhances the reproductive health of the mother proper child spacing rapid return of a mother to her pre pregnancy weight and aids in reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes WHO 2011 Breast feeding remains the best option for infants in the first six months of life It is a natural convenient hygienic and cost effective method that promotes the optimal well being and survival of infants Oche Umar and Ahmed 2011 Breast milk contains antibodies and essential nutrients necessary for the promotion of health and adequate development of infants and young children Hajeeboy Nguyen Mannava and Mia 2014 Over the last couple of decades there have been an increasing interest

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