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One aspect of pronunciation from the MOE EL Syllabus

One aspect of pronunciation from the MOE EL syllabus that I would like to focus on is reading aloud clearly and fluently using appropriate voice qualities to convey meaning and expression From my contract experience working with Primary threes and fives students I realized that that group of students I taught generally have less issues with pronunciation with accuracy They are generally able to pronunciation their vowels and consonants when they make a conscious effort to do so However one prominent issue is their lack of expression Their reading is mostly monotone with no variation in their volume and pitch Even in reading direct speech in their passage they show no change in volume and emotions Their reading is not able to capture the attention of their listeners and they are not able to convey the meaning of the passage across One common mistake is their pacing at reading They do not pause at the correct place particularly in a long sentence and they seems to rush through their reading Therefore I would like to target this aspect of pronunciation which is their pacing and expression to improve their fluency Punctuation To help learners develop in this area these are the few proposed activities that could be carried out in the classroom 

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