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Discussion Hypocalcemia is a potentially life threatening electrolyte Derangement

Discussion Hypocalcemia is a potentially life threatening electrolyte derangement Of most concern are cardiac sequelae such as prolonged QT interval cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure 1 Hypocalcemia can also cause seizures so hypocalcemia must be ruled out in any child with unexplained seizure2 Other neurologic neuromuscular complications include paresthesias tetany muscle cramps and muscle weakness 1 2 Skin and bone growth are affected with risk increased for dental caries atopy psoriasis delayed tooth eruption delayed growth and osteoporosis 1 Other complications may include smooth muscle dysfunction and psychological abnormalities including confusion irritability fatigue difficulty concentrating and poor memory 1 Physical exam findings on a child with hypocalcemia may include facial muscle irritability Chvostek sign elicited by tapping on the maxilla or carpopedal spasm Trousseau sign which can be seen by inflating a sphygmomanometer to 20 mmHg above the systolic blood pressure for 3 5 minutes1 2 

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Ethical issue on cellphone use while Driving

Ethical issue on cellphone use while driving in the US Introduction Cell Phones has become a huge part of society's everyday life Despite this cell phones have not been around that long Many people don t know when the first portable device was invented or its origin All credits go to Martin Cooper an American engineer that worked for Motorola Inc In November of 1972 Cooper and his team began to work on a portable device which resulted in the making of the DynaTac It weighed 30 ounces and measured ten inches long three inches deep and one and a half inches wide In order for the phone to be legally operational in the United States in had to get permission from the FCC for private companies to operate wireless communications It got the FCC is permission in 1983 in which it became the first commercial cellular service to began operation in the United States Now today there are over 200 million users and it has struck controversy over the ethical issue on banning cell phone usage while driving Governmental Agencies

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