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Research Paper Filmmaking and Production

Film and Short Story Research Paper Filmmaking and Production What makes films and production different today than how they were back then The way filming and production worked back than was much more different and more complex from how it is today Technology was less expanded on and took a longer time for sounds and colors to appear on screens Cameras was another thing that was very different from today as they did not have many varieties and had it processed in a different manner Making a film back than compared to today ranged around a low expense today films would budget up to 100 million or sometimes higher Films were also much shorter and would sometimes be a minute long compared to today s film that can lead up to three hours Movies back then shows a difference on how different filming and production has changed Films back then has evolved to today s film and production as technology started to get more advanced During the 1900 s movies were black and white until 1915 where the technicolor was invented 

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