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I read The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

I read The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind during the Christmas Holidays It was written by William Kamkwamba with some help from Bryan Mealer This story is about a boy's determination to fulfill his dream even after he had suffered many hardships I like this story because it shows that if you believe in something so much you should not give up trying to make it work Setting and Time The story takes place in a little town in Malawi called Wimbe Malawi is a country located in South eastern Africa The time period is between 1987 and 2009 Most of the people in Wimbe were farmers They grew maize every year and sometimes tobacco There was no electricity or piped water Farming was hard work There were no machines to help with tilling the soil People went to bed early after a long day s work on the farm There was no electricity to keep them up at night The houses in Wimbe were built from mud Most of them had thatch roofs Only few people could afford metal sheets Toilets and baths were built outside the houses They used pit latrines for toilets Wimbe Town had one primary school Only some people could afford to send their children to school 

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Western Australia WA through the Department of Corrective Services

The state of Western Australia WA through the Department of Corrective Services DCS currently manages over 5 000 adults at 17 prison facilities The following facilities are the main prisons in the state Hakea Prison minimum maximum security Hakea Prison takes prisoners who have been remanded in custody whilst awaiting their appearance in court and prisoners who have been recently sentenced The facility is used to process and asses prisoners before placing them at other prisons Hakea also has a 15 bed crisis care facility for at risk prisoners who require specialized treatment or support intervention Capacity 1 225 adult males Casuarina Prison largest maximum security Used particularly for long term prisoners Capacity 1 032 adult males Acacia Prison largest medium security Acacia is one of 2 privately run prisons in the state operated by Serco Capacity 1 513 adult males Visitations are may be booked by in one hour time slots on at least 4 days a week at most prisons excluding Good Friday and Christmas Day

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