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Why has thus far no World War Three Broken

Intro Why has thus far no World War Three broken out And what has been done to assure us citizens that there will be no major wars that threaten our security in the future Since 1945 the United Nations Security Council has played the most essential role in the world of politics for maintaining peace between States and holding security worldwide And despite all the nuclear weapons that exist today and the strength that they combine together which could destroy this entire planet The main reason why countries do not go to war with each other is due to the fact that the damages which nuclear weapons could cause today are too enormous for anyone to withstand so countries know that if they want to go to war with each other it would most likely resort to a cold war instead as history has already showed us from 1947 91 between the United States and the USSR Due to such as events the effectiveness of the United Nations has often been questioned and many argue that a lot more could have been done when we look at what happened in the past in countries such as Rwanda former Yugoslavia and Somalia and also the responsiveness and aid that the UN has brought if any

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Organisational Change and Leadership At the beginning the world appeared vast and the infinite distances it results in our ignorance certainly and the means of communication especially Was not we believed that during the centuries the world was infinite In the same way won't we conclude one day that the universe is a village in its turn In addition can t we conclude that in fact the means the communication reduce the distances and abolish the barriers The economy saw during last 3 decades a major upheaval as well at the planetary level as regional and local generating a new reality and putting on the market the new concepts and ways of life and needs continual reforms and tools for education Information and knowledge are at the base of any development policy and the citizen constitutes its interest center The education is the capital generated between the interaction of citizen in one part and information and knowledge in other part Since its appearance on ground the Homo sapiens showed his intelligence which translated by his capacity to communicate it and to immortalize it through times and distances In addition the traceability of his existence can be putted forward through his rupestral writings while passing by the papyruses and other supports without forgetting the oral accounts of various civilizations to arrive to the paper at the risk to give its place to the digital content support The last one making our contemporary exploits and which are shaping our culture towards another mode or world of the electronic culture 

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