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Discrimination in the Health Care System

Introduction Discrimination is the unjust or biased treatment of various classes of individuals or things particularly on the grounds of race age sex or economic status It is very important to engage in good interpersonal relationship between a patient and healthcare provider It is characterized by mutual respect from the patient and the healthcare provider transparency and a balance in their respective roles in decision making It is a critical marker of healthcare Unfortunately be that as it may the patient and healthcare provider boundary has frequently been portrayed by patients as discriminatory underestimating and oppressive This remains constant for both developed and developing nations This experience of segregation and poor quality care is much more set apart for poorer bring down class rank ladies and men and is likewise negotiated frequently by different factors including ethnicity religion and economic status While there have been vital territorial and nation endeavors to give more patient centered care discrimination is a major factor today Patient perceptions of discrimination may play an important yet variable role in ratings of health care quality across racial ethnic minority groups Health care institutions should consider how to address this patient concern as a part of routine quality improvement Sorkin Ngo Metzger and De Alba 2010 In this paper I will be discussing how discrimination is evident in health care focusing on race gender and socio economic status Racial Discrimination 

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There have always been conflicting social Classes

Since the beginning there have always been conflicting social classes From ancient societies to what we know today Marx's philosophy was made to solve this continued problem in history Before communism there were many different philosophies like capitalism and socialism which all included social classes The haves and have nots have been having an ongoing struggle for ages The definition of society is the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community The order which is said is social classes Looking back and fast forwarding through time shows the true trend of classes throughout history and the struggle between them I agree with the idea that the history of all existing society is the history of class struggle In early modern European history people were very divided It was necessary for the minds of upper class people to steer clear of the less privileged and in some ways completely ignore them The upper class had many more chances to spread their word in such a public eye because of the situation they were born in It was very rare to move up in the class system and nearly impossible to make enough money to live a quality life in most homes A Thomas Hobbes said In such condition the life of man solitary poor nasty brutish and short 

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