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Kelly might have felt financial pressure to commit the Fraud

Her only son had cancer and needed to go to the US for treatment but the cost of treatment was hefty and she was unable to afford it Her monetary problems and need for funds might have pressured her to embezzle the funds Furthermore with her son s life on the line she would also have felt familial pressure to use the funds to save his life 1 2 Opportunity The opportunity Kelly could have taken advantage of to commit the fraud was the lack of proper controls in place to monitor the flow of donations Furthermore since Singapore Orphanage s accounts have not been checked by any other auditors Kelly could make use of her right to use cheques up to 200 000 to write the cheques to herself without anyone knowing 1 3 Rationale One way Kelly could rationalise her behaviour was her service to the orphanage for the last 5 years and her extra deeds for the orphans such as buying things to cheer them during their birthdays which she might have felt could compensate the embezzled funds Furthermore the overall in charge of the orphanage has been practising favouritism where preferred staff were paid more than normal If Kelly was not on the receiving end of such favouritism in spite of her services to the Orphanage she could have felt that she was more deserving of the funds than the others especially since she could save a life with the funds 2 Ways to Increase Public Confidence Through Corporate Governance One of the reasons the public lost confidence in the Orphanage was due to the embezzlement of funds which led to a police case

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