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“Inside John Lewis” documentary film

Inside John Lewis Have you seen BB2 Inside John Lewis In this documentary BBC goes behind the scenes of John Lewis one of Britain's biggest and best known department stores as it tackles changing tastes of consumers deals with existing problems and tougher competition and the its worst recession in 80 years John Lewis is a chain of high end department stores operating throughout the United Kingdom The first John Lewis store was opened in 1864 in Oxford Street London It now has 49 stores throughout UK and its first concession opened in Australia in November 2016 But the documentary does not focus on John Lewis expansion The documentary addresses how the recession in the UK by 2009 impacted the company's business The company suffered from a major financial loss as its profits dropped over 50 at the time The recession forced the company which was booming until then to come up with solutions and redundancies to survive Andy Street the managing director of the John Lewis and his team had an inkling that extreme gloom was on its way 

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