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Summer Vacation I was supposed to be enjoying this Vacation

Summer Vacation I was supposed to be enjoying this vacation in Taiyuan China but the only special things I could see were the heat and the surprisingly unsympathetic merchants who my mother was trying very unsuccessfully to lower the price on their produce which was about equivalent to 3 USD an apple as they realized we were tourists even though we looked Chinese and Mom spoke it fluently With a start I realized my mom was talking to me Shoshana Can you hear me We re leaving Oh sorry mom I said quickly catching up to her Fourteen years old and still has the listening skills of a second grader my mom muttered I pretended not to hear When we got back to the apartment my grandmother Lindo started to unpack the ingredients to make fried rice For some reason she seemed angry and I heard her asking my mom Waverly Where are the onions Oh I forgot Mom Waverly answered Aii ya did you just drink Meng Po s potion Go and get the onions Blushing with embarrassment my mother complied In that moment I saw myself in my mother This exact scene had played out countless times with me and my mother when I had forgotten something in school or mixed up two things my mom wanted me to bring I immediately pushed away the thought I didn't want to be the same as my mother Wasn't she supposed to be better than me at her age As my mom left for the market again my grandmother sighed and sat down again and asked Do you want me to tell a story Sure Here we go A long time ago in the era of the Warring States lived a man named Leytangtsi 

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For instance the topic Gross Domestic Product

Here were various major concepts that were discussed in the assigned readings that are essential For instance the topic Gross Domestic Product was repeatedly discussed because it can not only be used to measure a country's economic performance but it can be used to assess the potential limitations as well Register Grimes 2016 A few other terms that are important all relate to the fundamental economic problem For example scarcity is a large issue in any society because the finite resources that are available are constantly being pushed by our unlimited human wants Unfortunately as discussed in the textbook without a doubt the most critical economic issue that the world is currently facing is poverty Register Grimes 2016 Another major concept that was covered in the readings had to do with the distinct types of economic systems For instance in the market economy the producers and consumers are primarily the ones who decide what to produce based on a society's needs and how to produce it based on available resources In the command economy the decision making about production is mainly done by a central authority usually the government The allocation of resources varies depending on the type of economy and it was interesting to see how each one is different A few terms such as substitute and complementary goods were especially interesting because they are associated with the substitution effect 

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