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John Wilson writes that as Readers

John Wilson writes that as readers we are led to believe that at its core the Aeneid is driven by action over emotion That because shows of emotion are viewed and portrayed as weakness by the Romans they therefore are reasonability withheld frowned upon or even abruptly severed in much of the books of this epic poem He basically states that emotion is held at arm's length from action Action in this case being closely tied to destiny or fate Seemingly strengthening the detachment of emotion and action is the Roman idea of pietas or a dutiful virtue to honor god's country and family especially one s parents over self and in that order Pietas is strongly tied to patriotism and devotion to country in the Aeneid If one was not raised in the Roman culture putting country before family can seem cold blooded and quite dispassionate This detachment of emotion comes into play in several places within the tale of Aeneid a story about a man torn between his own desires and the future of his family and his country Aeneas has a huge burden on his shoulders He alone is being held responsible for the very existence of the Roman Empire 

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Geometric design in transportation Facilities

Geometric design in transportation facilities Flair Your IB Carson Graham Secondary Date Instructor Ms Dai Word count Table of Contents Table of contents 2 Introduction The theorem Euler s totient theorem fermat 's little theorem Proving Fermat's little theorem Proving Euler's totient theorem Application Conclusion Introduction I had always had a interest in geometric design for that I have been seeing in different places so much for example in the designs of buildings highways and even art works and I often wonder why they look the way they are The one part that fascinates me the most is the geometric design in transportation facilities such as highways railroads and airport runways Even though the details and the standards of the design is quite different across different usages for example a landing area for aircraft is designed very differently than a parking lot as much difference as a plane to a minivan in all modes the goals of the geometric design is to gain the maximise amount of comfort safety and economy out of the design while still keeping the coast environmental impacts down as much as possible In this math IA I will be exploring the fundamentals of geometric design in transportation with a series of standards and examples from different modes 

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A Case Study of Women in Pakistani Banks

Our text to analyze is the excerpt from the interview of a business PhD research project titled Work Family Conflict A Case Study of Women in Pakistani Banks The main purpose of this research was to examine the work family situation of women working in male dominated industry in Pakistan We shall consider some main principles of it in order to carry out the comprehensive and correct analysis Lyons and Coyle consider we should be interested in learning something about the narrative we study and in turn about the light those narratives throw upon psychological and social realities in order to carry out the analysis 2008 p 131 144 Sometimes the meaning is not evident There are a lot of ambiguities and omissions which are to be clarified as well Ezzy proposes a quite simple method in order to examine any text 2002 p 138 163 He insists on the algorithm composed of the following steps compiling the stories analyzing the content the discourse and the context of each story focusing on insights and understandings comparing and contrasting stories for similarities and differences in content style and interpretation considering the effects of background variables i e gender age identifying stories or content that illustrate your themes insights and understandings Connelly and Clandinin consider that narrative research is a tool by which we methodically collect analyze and represent people s tales as told by them 1990 p

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New Evidence Based Practice Strategies and Theoretical Basis

Summary of Selected Issue New Evidence Based Practice Strategies and Theoretical Basis for Strategies Many patients look forward to the end of the Labor Delivery process immediate postpartum care and discharge from the hospital They treat the discharge as the end of the process and if the transitions to care process is not properly handled many women will not return for postpartum follow up care In 2016 the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists ACOG presented their bulletin 666 which reported that up to 40 of these women do not return for care in the 6 8wks postpartum ACOG 2016 Issues contributing to this deficiency range from maternal lack of knowledge and competing maternal priorities to systems issues where cultural and individual patient preferences are not accommodated A number of strategies have been proposed to improve the postpartum patient return to care based on the evidence generated through research on some of the affected groups Using grounded theory Martin Horowitz Balbierz et al 2014 found that postpartum women did not return for care because they lacked knowledge were unprepared for the post partum experience didn t get early postpartum care or their goals were not aligned with those of their preceptors Whether the problem is cultural socioeconomic or access related ACOG is of the opinion that if preparation for postpartum care begins in the antepartum period with the patient and provider designing a plan of care and receiving written instructions and preparation for continuing postpartum care and ongoing communication between patient and provider ACOG 2016 I share ACOG s opinion because helping the mother understand the importance of continuing care indicates to her that this should be among her priorities in the post partum period

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