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Topic Youth Unemployment and Economic Growth Country

Topic Youth Unemployment and Economic Growth Country Italy Committee ILO Italy is the only large European country where unemployment has risen in the past year Data for December 2016 show twelve per cent of the workforce up 0 4 percentage points from a year earlier Young people are the most affected with the unemployment rate rising the fastest among the under 25s over the previous year This contrasts with improving conditions in most of Europe About forty percent of young people are unemployed in Italy about two percentage points higher than last year Financial Times 2017 The debt Italy owes to the rest of Europe 25 of its GDP is so bad that a default would shatter the country cripple Europe with unpaid debts and wipe 0 4 off global GDP according to Oxford Economics analyst Taha Saei Business Insider UK 2017 The Italian economy has stagnated that recovery would take decades 

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Voltaire was first known as François Marie Arouet

Born on the 21st of November 1694 in Paris France Pomeau 2017 Voltaire was first known as François Marie Arouet Voltaire is his pen name nom de plume Andrews 2014 Voltaire was a historian French writer and a philosopher Some of his famous works are the historical study of The Age of Louis XIV his tragic play called Zaïre as well as his well known novel Candide biography com 2017 In fact Voltaire has even worked for the French government as a spy Voltaire had made a deal to serve as a government informant plotting to make his new position useful by repairing his reputation in the French court He was writing letters to the French giving them inside information on Frederick Douglass policy and finances however Voltaire was not a useful spy His plan fell apart being that Frederick Douglass grew suspicious of his motives Anyhow Voltaire has never had any children however he was with his mistress Émilie du Châtelet for 16 years but secretly in a relationship with his niece Marie Louise Mignot He and Mignot adopted a child in 1760 while living as a married couple from the 1750 s until his death Andrews 2014 Voltaire grew up in Paris France is the youngest of five children in a middle class family His father was François Arouet a notary and minor treasury official his mother was Marie Marguerite d Aumart from a noble family of Poitou province Voltaire went to the Collège Louis le Grand in Paris from 1704 to 1711 showing an early gift for languages learning Latin and Greek as a child then later becoming fluent in Italian Spanish and English 

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