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Novel Monster by Walter Dean Myers you can view this Odd

What kind of novel is written as a play expressing all that a character endures In the novel Monster by Walter Dean Myers you can view this odd but distinctive format Steve Harmon the protagonist is on trial for murder and is accused of being a lookout for the actual men who committed a robbery from the drugstore In the trouble of doing so they killed the store owner As he narrates in a unique form of a screenplay and journal entries Steve faces the trial and the scary future of living in prison for the rest of his life The trial not only determines his near future but shapes his life Monster by Walter Dean Myers should be considered for the Herricks High School curriculum because the unique perspective of Steve makes the reader understand all that he endures and because of the concurrent themes of betrayal and facing reality transform his life This perspective is something that is lacking in the curriculum from a teenage African boy who is on trial This perspective will add to diversity to the curriculum

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